NGC's real estate law practice

The experienced real estate lawyers at Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper (NGC) handle a wide range of real property transactions and claims in a cost-effective manner for clients throughout Ohio and beyond.

Real estate purchase and sale transactions often involve a significant commitment of money, energy and emotion. Typical real estate transactions involve not only buyers and sellers, but also brokers, surveyors, inspectors, appraisers, lenders and quite often government representatives, such as assessors, and agencies, such as zoning boards.

Given the numbers of parties and tasks that can be involved in a single transaction, careful planning—guided by experience—is essential. It can prevent a misstep or a misunderstanding that can derail the deal, be it for a private residence or a large commercial or industrial property.

NGC attorneys help clients navigate often-complicated laws and regulations, while negotiating favorable contract terms and preparing the necessary applications, agreements and transfer documents to consummate real estate transactions successfully.

Should a dispute arise, the lawyers at NGC have a proven track record litigating real estate matters. The firm's proficiency in trial advocacy extends to a wide variety of real property-related matters, including landlord-tenant disputes and evictions, boundary disputes, mortgage foreclosures, delinquent tax foreclosures, mechanic's and public works liens, land use and zoning applications, trespass and nuisance claims, boundary line disputes and environmental contamination cost recovery.

Our real estate lawyers and paralegals have broad experience in all primary disciplines and transactions that include:

  • Complex project management, such as counseling owners and interest holders in development, redevelopment, rehabilitation, short sales, loan workouts and financial restructuring of real estate projects and properties.
  • All aspects of project construction, including design and construction contracts and construction and permanent mortgage loans.
  • Easements, licenses and other issues involving the shared use of real property, comprising conservation easements, temporary construction easements, utility easements, rights-of-way and reciprocal access easements.
  • Condominium and homeowners' association matters, including the purchase and rental of residential, business and marina condominiums, and defending homeowners' association enforcement actions, liens and restrictions on use.
  • Purchase and sale of industrial, commercial and single-family and multifamily residential properties.
  • Financing of real estate transactions, including mortgage loans, land contracts, sale/leasebacks and formation and capitalization of owner entities.
  • Leases of industrial, commercial, office, restaurant, retail and residential properties.
  • Oil and gas development, including leases, pipeline rights-of-way and temporary access and construction easements.
  • Real estate tax matters, such as valuation complaints, tax exemption applications and appeals.
  • Estate planning, trusts and probate proceedings involving real estate interests, including transfer-on-death deeds and trust administration services.
  • Complex title issues and quiet title actions.

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