NGC's merger and acquisition practice

Lawyers in the business and corporate law practice at Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper (NGC) draw on substantial and varied experience to help our business clients successfully negotiate, document and execute the purchase of additional businesses or the sale of all or a portion of their businesses.

When one business absorbs another, issues relating to assets, liabilities, corporate powers, personnel and many other matters abound for both the buyer and the seller. Much effort must be put into research and negotiations to arrive at a favorable outcome for the business involved. We approach each transaction by first understanding the business goals to be achieved, and then developing a structure designed to reach those goals.

Along the way, we seek to avoid or overcome obstacles and negotiate reasonable protections, appropriate to the size and complexity of the transaction and in accordance with the expectations of the client. We also address possible tax savings or tax deferral opportunities in structuring the transaction to be tax-efficient. We work with our client to develop creative solutions to complete the transaction and achieve the business goals.

Our merger and acquisition practice recognizes that each transaction is unique and strives to implement our clients' business goals in a cost-effective manner. We have represented buyers, sellers and joint venturers in a wide variety of taxable and tax-deferred transactions, along with related financing and other matters.

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